19 november 2021 Online

Nordic Full day course

Become an Invisalign Provider

– get a certification for Invisalign Go

The first step to becoming an Invisalign provider is to complete a course designed to introduce you to the Invisalign system. Unident offers a training program in several parts, together with Align - manufacturer of Invisalign.
This course is entirely in English and will take place online.

Since 2000, more than 80,000 dentists have been certified for Invisalign and more than 10 million patients have been successfully treated. In the Nordic countries, 1,500 dentists have already certified themselves to offer Invisalign treatments at their clinics. 

It’s time to take the next bold step. Become a provider today.



Date and time:

Friday November 19 kl. 09:00-18.00

Target group:

General dentists


1.145 Euro, VAT excluded

The course cost includes a basic course in orthodontics, an online certification course and get-started courses




In order for the course to be completed, a minimum number of 17 participants is required.


Nimmi Holstein

Nimmi Holstein

Dr. Nimmi Holstein has over eleven years of clinical experience with Invisalign.

Course Overview:

The Invisalign Go certification begins with a web-based training. Then you take this course with lectures and practical elements. Before the course, your Territory Manager will offer support and help in preparing any cases for Invisalign Go, which you will then use during the course. After the certification course, e-Connect courses are offered where you get help in selecting suitable patients for treatment and creating a treatment plan, as well as access to user help and support from experienced Invisalign Go dentists. The last part of the program is a Study Club, about three months after the certification. Here you have the opportunity to bring your own cases for discussion.


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