08 april 2019


Yxoss CBR® presentasjon

Complex bone augmentation using customized cad-cam technology for bone regeneration

Welcome to participate in an exclusive LIVE webinar with a presentation of Yxoss CBR® - a digitally produced titanium mesh, individually tailored for each patient.

Guided bone regeneration has been performed in dentistry successfully using bone substitutes in combination with collagen membranes to increase alveolar ridge width for implant placement. Vertical bone defects or complex bone augmentation requires space maintaining elements to provide graft stability and are associated with time consuming procedures. 3D printing technology does not only offer the opportunity to reduce surgical time due to customized solutions, but also supports planning of bone regeneration and implant positioning in a digital workflow. Watching this webinar, you will also learn how to upload your patient data to customize the treatment for complex bone augmentation, “questions and answers” session included with interactive feedback.




Monday, April 8, 2019


kl. 18.00-19.00

Course cost:




Marcelo Calderero

Marcelo Calderero

DDS, MS. Product Specialist


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